Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Black Bristol Bracelet

Black Bristol Bracelet Most influenced from Port of Bristol that grew up on the two banks of rivers, this connection between two seen on beautiful knot details with rebellious bold characters from its teared black fabric.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Silverbelle Necklace

Silverbelle Bracelet


Derived from its nature, silver is found as a native metal. As well as Silversmith collection, 

it holds a common like less ordinary from whole collections from second season. 

Made from silver-ish zipper and plate suits for ordinaire couture people.

IDR 40 K


Brasswood is a gist from Goldsmith's essence. With still holding powerful energy from its gold color scheme, Brasswood shows more subtle characteristic from its silver-ish zipper. It's a less, yet it is a more.

IDR 45 K


Season 2 now comes at hand prepare to blitzed by our Goldsmith. Our current issue focusing on 

gold color scheme, a personal think tank that focused to spark such powerful energy, 

shortly influenced by Egyptian pyramid power and handcrafted 

from gold-ish zippers especially made in limited edition.

IDR 75 K


Second collection from our first season; London
Derived from the origin of the name, Londonium, shortly influenced by Roman iconic fashion couture. 
Handcrafted from 100% black genuine leather and silver zipper.

currently off stock


Our very first collection for season one: Oxford, a leathery statement necklace 

especially made for you who knows to wears a great fashion. 

Handmade from 100% black genuine leather richened with 

oh-so-gorgeous details.

IDR.135 K